The “Heart” Agro-Tech Institute itself clarify the objectives and working for development of post harvest Management-

H - Horticulture Development (Post Harvest Management).

E - Education & Export

A - Agriculture Development

R - Research, Rehabilitation, through Agri Business.

T - Training & Trade.

Heart Agro-Tech Institute Wants to achieves the further goals as below :-

  • To generate employment for rural and unemployed youth.
  • To process the perishable fruits and vegetable to over come the glut in the market.
  • To give information of new opportunities.
  • To initiate the business with minimal capital expenses.
  • Awareness and extension of state and central govt Schemes.
  • To increase the participation of various institutions engaged in the movement of Agriculture development.

Infrastructure and Facilities Available at the Institute: -

HAI is the only institute, which is successfully run by “Entrepreneur-Trainer”. The founder of the institute has vast experience in this field. This experience is carried to establishment of various processing industries and innovative product introduced in indigenous as well as global market. Institute has subject related experienced faculty members to complete the training programmes.

Special support and specific features of the training programmes will be: -

  • This Progrmmes are designed on scientific basis.
  • Practicles held are commercial and on “ Model Processing Project” with Technical and Commercial aspects .
  • Strong Laboratory setup for developing product.
  • To make available institute infrastructure under facility center during and after training.
  • To make available market facilities for processed product.
  • Students can avail facilities of dormittery & food in institute premises.

About Training Programmes-

Training programmes are divided in 3 areas-

  1. Technical Know-How & Technology Transfer: -
    1. As per FPO and CODEX standard complete range of products syllabus is taught with practical and Know-How of the product.
    2. Practical include the entire steps till, sending to market.
    3. Guidance for all technical subject followed by experience sharing from industrialist from same line industrialist from same-line i.e. packing and packaging Nichrome Industry Ltd., Indian Institute of Packaging, Machinery Manufacturer Process Masters, Food Manufacturers MAPRO, & MAFCO Ltd.
    4. Selection of Machinery, Machinery layout, functioning of Machinery existing their prices and taxes etc. From Machinery Manufacturer.
    5. To control the aroma, flavors, and appearance of the product as per the raw material finished good and market demand.
    1. Status of food industry nature scope etc.
    2. Basic principles food science.
    3. Basic infrastructure required and good manufacturing practices (GMP).
    4. Quality Control & basic laboratory facilities.
    5. Required licenses certification and their respective authorities.
    6. Market Management and Export Management.
    7. Implementation schedule to start the enterprise
    1. Traits of Entrepreneurs.
    2. Personality Development.
    3. Achievement Motivating Training (AMT).
    4. Business Opportunity Guidance.
    5. Business Planning and Management.
    6. Market Survey & Market Research.
    7. Preparation of Project Report.
    8. Information about Gov. Schemes of financial assistance and subsidies.


For attainment of objectives the institution has established specialized division


    As per requirement of agro-based industry different various certificate courses along with practical are undertaken.

    Course material made available for each course. As per requirement of participants and available seasons of fruits and vegetables practical are conducted. Training course is 100% commercial and practical oriented. It mainly includes technology and technical know-how of each products, vision for more innovative product, project-report, entrepreneurships, person-ality development, business opportunities, standardization, Quality norms as per consumer code making-demand, packing and packaging, Bar Code, HACCP and CODEX standard etc.


    Available machinery and quality control machinery equipments-

    1. Basic essential laboratory setup for processing industry.
    2. Model pilot processing plant is available for product development, market development so initially no need to invest for beginners/ new entrants.

    Institute has it’s own model processing plant and laboratory. It has been decided to offer the facility center services for potential entrepreneur to establish the products in local as well as global market.


    a. Production Machinery:-
    • Washing tank no. 1
    • Pulvesrier
    • Gas Bhatti
    • Peeling machine
    • Tray drier
    • Roller heating drier
    • Cutting machine
    • Slicing machine
    • Cashew Processing Plant
    • Pulper
    • Khawa making machine
    • Diesel Bhatti
    • Centrifuge oil/water drier
    • Solar drying Tunnel
    • Coating machine
    • Sizing machine
    • Sizing machine
    b. Laboratory Setup:-
    • Thermometer
    • PH meter
    • Micro-oven
    • Electrical furnace
    • Roasting machines
    • Flask
    • Cutters
    • Brix0 meter
    • Moisture balance
    • Heater
    • Carbonated drink maker
    • Test tubes
    • Spirit lamp
    • Measurement flask glass
    c. Packing and Packaging: -
    • Vacuum packing
    • Hand sealing
    • Foot operated pouch sealing machines
    • Packing and Packaging material
    • Shrink packing
    • Electrical sealing patti
    • Corrugated box packing machine
    d. Miscellaneous Equipment: -
    • Plastic crates (4 nos) (Handling crates)
    • Jerry cans (6 nos)
    • Plates
    • Hand slicer
    • Pressure cooker
    • Big vessel (2-75 ltrs/3-20 ltrs/1-10 ltrs)
    • Sieves
    • Liquid feeling tank
    • Water storage tank
    • Carbouys (2 nos)
    • Trays
    • Knives
    • Hand peeler
    • Can deformer
    • Steel utensils (6nos – 1to5 ltrs)
    • Mugs
    • Steel Drum
    • Sanitary Instrument i.e. Brush, Broom
    e. Library & Information: -
    • Latest books related to agriculture, horticulture, processing, legal, F.P.O. standard, PFA act,Patent laws, Codex standard guide, Udyog, Shetkari, Godwa, Baliraja, Sampada Magazines, Fruit related books, & other agriculture books.
    f. Class-room facilities: -
    • Existing facility will accommodate 30 to 40 participants.Government of India has appreciated our institute and our research work by sanctioning our Research Projects “Production of grape flakes” which is a cereal product having the fresh grape taste. Here we can offer our technical backup with pilot plant production support to entrepreneur.
    g. Technical experts
    • Food Technologist
    • Experienced Technical expert
    • Laboratory Expertise and Standards Licensing Guidance
    • Export assistance or promotions independently Govt. agencies / experts
    • Packing & Packaging
  3. Marketing

    The institute assists the representative for marketing of selected items in specified areas. Insti-tute will co-operate in marketing through its distributors, co-operative departmental stores, Mobile Trading centers, and exhibitions.

  4. Exports Promotion

    To develop the export potential products in all respects as per EU by sending samples, participation in international exhibition and generating the enquiries.

    Our observation, study of International market visit of representative of European Commission clears an idea of export promotion product and selection of the product. The scope for export encourages starting Export Division of Institute. Institute decide to enter the market to European and Gulf Discussions has been held with Dr. Marco Tuponi of Europe Commission (Professor. Of Bolania University) taste the product available for Export Promotion and Supported his opinion that the institute can develop the product range mentioned below may have European Market.

    Quality and Quantity of the product may have assurance to European Market supply on peri-odic basis.

    Institute has contributed in development of Pomegranate Juice for majorexporter “Mother Herbs” Delhi based company for their export.

  5. Consultancy & Counseling

    Institute guides on different issues like bank funding incentives, issue of licenses, project, layout, potential product and system of launching or identifying the product selection of machinery market segments available for specific product etc.

  6. Technology

    Technology Transfer for the existing processor for expansion of similar product and assists for others for diversifications

    The success ratio of the Institute for establishing processing unit is more than 50% during last 5 years and the training conducted in collaboration with MITCON, MCED, DRDA, KVK, Taluka Agril officer (TAO), Superintendent Agril, officer (SAO), NABARD, Bank of India Poladpur Branch, ATMA (Ratnagiri & Auragabad) Department Horticulture, Maharastra State Agriculture Commission orate Agriculture Pune.

    • Product innovation—fruit cheese. Fruit flakes fruit snacks, Specific research in processed
    • Product as per food habbits and social customs.
    • Promotion – Nutritional backup
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